أهم 5 نصائح لحملة تسويق فيديو ناجحة


أهم 5 نصائح لحملة تسويق فيديو ناجحة

Video Marketing has become even more popular with time as the people around the world are spending most of their time on the internet and on the social media sites people are using. With the introduction of social media sites like YouTube and other social media networking platforms encouraging their users to view video content, there has been an increase in the viewership of video content. Video is a type of content which is most watched and responded to on the internet. Videos are more likely to get responses compared to written content or even image content.

Useful Video Marketing Tips

There are five basic tips for effective video marketing which we are going to discuss in this blog. Let us have a look at those tips one by one.

Tip # 1 Create Your UVP

It is very important to define your Unique Value Proposition upfront. If you know what you are up to, you will be able to attain your objectives effectively. Therefore, it is really crucial to decide and clarify what topics or themes you will cover in your videos. What will be the tone and style of your video in which you will shoot it. Moreover, selection of medium through which you will present or share your video with your viewers must be decided and agreed upon first. It is actually aimed to give your videos a unique identity and value, to make your brand stand out. You have to decide what are you offering that is not offered by anyone else.

Tip # 2 Create Explainer Videos

The second type of most popular and effective videos are explainer videos in which you answer the “how to” questions or in other words you provide some sort of training to the viewers. It gives you an authoritative position and it also adds to your credibility. These are the videos which really solve the problems and issues of the audience regarding their matters of interest in life. You can really build your fan following by making such videos which answer the queries of your viewers regarding your business.

Video marketing can really benefit your business if you choose video advertising agencies wisely. The best way to use training videos is to make a series of videos which gradually takes your viewers to the next level and eventually discover that the video content is useful.

Tip # 3 Create Brand Videos

Brand videos which present and promote your brand to the audience is the direct way of pulling the customers in. These are the videos which are most likely to get you business, therefore are the most important ones. The most interesting thing about these videos is that you have the margin of playing around with the creativity because it is your own brand that you are introducing to the viewers. These are usually short, informative but non-boring videos which inform and entertain your audience at the same time. Brand videos must be handled with care as through these videos your brand image is created.

Tip # 4 Do Live Streaming Videos

Live streaming videos allow your viewers to sneak into your day to day company activities that matter to your target market it will definietely make the difference. The audience will have access to your corporate events or how you cook the food in the menu for restaurants, or how your product is manufactured, which would gain their trust easily. Reality videos are also easy to shoot and there is nothing much effort needed. There is no scripting and editing required to an extent to make it difficult but rather make it  more spontanoues, natural and user generated-like content. It will make your viewers trust you more, and the more are the chances of them patrionizing your product or service. You build trust first and then you build a business which further prolongs and strengthens the trust of your customers. These are casually filmed and easy to access reality videos is a very fun way of gaining brand loyalty.

Tip # 5 Do Boost Them up!

The last but not the least, tip related to video marketing and video advertising is the most important step in the video marketing industry. Once you have created your videos, do not forget about them after posting them on the internet. The belief which makes you stay back and wait is not a wise thing to do. You need to promote your videos in order to gain viewership and engagement. People will not show up on your page timeline to view your videos on their own. Promotion of your videos is very necessary in these days, otherwise, all the effort, mind and resources put in the creation of your videos will be wasted. Major social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are encouraging their users to view more videos not only ontheir feeds but as well as on their stories. Promote your video content through boosting video views at every social media platform where your target audiences are. It doesn’t need much of a huge budget to boost your videos. But of course boosting your videos is not enough you must also ensure that you are promoting good content with your video or else boosting is useless. Boosting doesn’t guarantee you will get the engagement of the conversion you are expecting. Always remember that it must contain good content and good content must be useful, informative and helpful to your target audience.

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