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IBA Aamal Mubtakara Advertising, which means initiative business in English, is team of broadcast and media marketing experts founded in 2012. An innovative leader today Today, Aamal Mubtakara is probably the only advertising agency in Dubai to accept credit card payments as a payment option other than cash and cheques. We are also the first advertising agency in Dubai to introduce outsourcing jobs in the Philippines tailor-made optional to clients with a tight budget. We are pioneer agency to recently use the 360° camera. Get in touch to know more about 360° video production.

Combining the best of both worlds-Middle East meet West
We are a lean but highly efficient, qualified and talented team which makes us affordable and approachable to clients. Aamal Mubtakara consists of highly skilled creative staff. The team is comprised of both experienced creative writers and designers from the western countries (America,Australia,Canada and the UK) and Middle East and North Africa (MENA) to come up with the best creative materials for all types of companies be it an Arabic or British company. Click here to meet the team now.


To be able to provide clients all their traditional and non-traditional marketing media needs and to be an innovator in the market.


To become the most trusted one-stop client resource for all marketing needs not only in the UAE but all of GCC by the end of 2020.




Mustafa is a business development expert in Dubai and has worked with broadcast TV and radio stations in the UAE before joining – IBA Aamal Mubtakara Advertising. And is also General Manager of IBA Advertising UK Ltd in Manchester, United Kingdom. In Dubai he is known as Mr Speedy SEO for spearheading quick SEO campaigns for the UAE Healthcare industry.



Rania earned her Bachelor of Science in Business Marketing from the Lebanese American University (LAU). She was instrumental in the founding of the Dubai agency as well as establishing the branch in the UK. She started as Corporate Services Manager and was promoted to Director. Rania is one of the company’s main backbone and foundation of the agency.



Czarina, a copywriter by profession joined IBA in 2014 as a social media specialist. Since then she has been promoted multiple times. She is now in charge of the Creative department and quality assurance of the agency operations and excellent customer experience. She was involved in setting up of the UK branch and was promoted to Corporate Services Manager apart of heading the creative department of both Dubai and UK offices.



Siraj literally grew up in IBA joining the company at age 20 while still working on his degree in Accounting. He began with logistics and is now handling the accounting and administrative side of the company. If you want something done, Siraj is guaranteed to get it done – right and fast. Siraj loves cars and plays cricket and goes to the corniche with friends on weekends.



Fatoom to her friends, co-workers and social media followers, is the Energizer bunny of the team. Full of energy and also full of positivism. The social media influencer of the team and if you need help to increase followers on social media, let Fatima handle your social media accounts.



Sarwat is a part of IBA since 2017. Before that, she worked as team lead customer care in Pakistan for 9 years. She has master degree in international relations. Lets get it started! Is her motto. To describe her nature we could say she is passionate, helpful and a excellent problem solver.



With more than 10 years of experience in the graphic design industry, Norlito handles his job with perfection and creativity.



Jay Plaza is from the Philippines, although his name doesn’t sound Filipino. He is from the southern part of the Philippines in Mindanao. Has a passion for basketball, the Filipinos’ favorite past time, WordPress and his man bun..



Madelyn is the shy type of the team though she’s been with IBA for almost 7 years. She’s very keen to details and is an organized freak. And mind you this Filipino lady is fluent in Lebanese Arabic. Shoo asmu?

Ula Oweil

Sales Manager

Ula, is from Lebanon and before she joined IBA Advertising she was in the automotive industry. She has a major in Management and an MBA in MIS. She loves fashion and is into acting. She maybe small but what she lacks in height she makes up in her strength.This little lady used to be in powerlifting, in the women’s 75 kg weight class. She is strong enough to lift any average person.

Ryann Khristoper Emata

Visual Creatives Lead

Before joining the team, Ryann has more than 8 years of experience in videography and video editing industries, his passion for camera/video editing and crazy idea has a never-ending story,
“Intelligent person work hard, But Legend work smart”. Ryann’s camera is a Sony.

Christian Umahon

Video Editor and Graphics Designer

Before Christian joined the team, he is a duty engineer in a hotel in Dubai for 3 years. But because he his passion is photography and videography, he still dreams of working with a company that will give him the freedom to practice his passion. He followed his passion and led him to IBA Media Dubai. Chris brings with him almost 5 year’s experiences in the Philippines running a photo and video studio and documenting events.  He started using Nikon but his favorite one is Canon. Chris’ work camera is Canon.

Jonathan Vallejo

WordPress Developer

Tan, from Imus Cavite Philippines, an IT graduate but his Profession is Graphic Design for almost 5 years’ experience before joining IBA Media as WordPress Developer. He is the designer behind the development of the following accounts: Wafra Farms, Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital, Kalash Gallery, Golden Value Real Estate and all e-commerce website clients. As well as remarkable logo designs of the following clients: Alpha Future Migration and more. He’s a team player and can also work as individual. He was awarded as Most Outstanding Performance from his previous company.

Carlo Aspa

Junior Web Designer

Carlo Aspa is an IT graduate from the Philippines, his friends calls him “Caloy”.
He loves to play computer games (has a record of most wins against Jonathan Vallejo in NBA 2K.)
New to Web Designing and has a passion to learn more, to do and deliver the best for the client’s website. He is the designer behind the development of the following accounts: Pacific Reproductive Center (PRC), Rosmetic Medical Center and Eye Consultants to name a few.


Testimonials and Portfolio


Ever since we signed our contract IBA provided the highest quality products and services with evenbetter client service. Deliveries are often received earlier then expected.

Tarek Moukaied
General Manager - Highness Clinics & Spa

“IBA- has been our office neighbors for over 7 years now. They have helped us with our FMCG products’ social media management and content such as photo shooting and video production, and they have always delivered on time. We are happy with their quality work and efficient service. “

Suliman Halbouni
Managing Director - Barrick Group

IBA Team is very reliable and is always there when you need them. They always provide 100% service, who needs another agency when you have all you need in one place such as IBA?

Dr George Davis
Marketing Manager.
Dr Sulaiman Al Habib Hospital Dubai

I am straightforward, honest and not flattering on business The beautiful thing I say is beautiful. IBA made a wonderful website for my business.

Murad M. Murad
Managing Director Pacific Reproductive Center,
America's No.1 Fertility Clinic

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